St Peter's, Kinver

  • Christian faith has been been witnessed on the site of St Peters for over 1000  years. The church is a treasured landmark which can be seen from all around Kinver and the surrounding country side. Its history is amazing - whilst the Saxons started it off,  the Normans and of course the Victorians had a few ideas too!  The tower was built in 1380!  

    St Peter’s has served the community of Kinver for generations and continues to touch families at many key points on life’s journey. The church is one of those constants in an ever-changing world.

    The building is Grade 1 listed but but like so many,  receives no government or local authority funding. The church depends heavily on the generosity of the congregation and the surrounding community - thank you!

    Help us to keep it that way for generations to come. 

    The Diocese

    The Benefice of Kinver and Enville is part of the Diocese of Lichfield.  For more information about the Diocese please use this link

    Our Location

    St Peter's is above the village at the top of Church Hill, as shown on Google Maps..

    This year we will be holding two All Souls Services and one at St Mary's, unfortunately we will have to limit numbers at each service due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 
    Places must be booked in advance, via the links below

    All Souls Services at St Peter's, Kinver

    Sunday 1st November, 6.30pm 

    Sunday 8th November, 4pm

    All Souls Service at St Mary's, Enville

    Sunday 1st November, 4.30pm





  • We can continue to offer a service of Holy Communion at 9:30am in church.  (The Government's 9th September announcement about "rule of six" limitations on social gatherings do not apply to church services).  Special arrangements have been put in place to ensure the health and safety of those attending in accordance with current Government guidelines.  These are set out in the following template.

    Services of Holy Communion will continue to be streamed to our Facebook page - St Peter's, Kinver - at 9:30am every Sunday  On other days of the week, morning prayer will continue to be live-streamed at 8:30am. In addition:

    * If you have any prayer requests, please contact John Gibbons, tel 01384 877780 or email johngibbons1414@btinternet.com

    * If you would like someone to give you a call, please contact Gail Davis our Pastoral Care Coordinator on 01384 873820

    * If you need any practical assistance at all during this difficult time, please call the Village Volunteer Response Team on 07783 631137

    * Revd Rich Clarkson at Kinver Rectory: 01384 872556


    St Peter’s Church, Kinver

    Resumption of 9:30am Services of Holy Communion




    Reopening of church follows a detailed risk assessment undertaken by the wardens using the Church of England standard form.  A copy is available from the wardens and is posted in church and on the website.

    This template has also been publicised widely and copies are available in church for your reference and for you to take away and share with others.


    Arriving at Church

    • Please arrive in good time for the service, but be aware that the building will not be opened until shortly before 9:30am
    • Please maintain a safe distance from others in the car park, as you come into church, and throughout your time in church.


    Entering Church

    • Please give your name and phone number to the duty warden on entry (Your details will only be used for contact purposes in the event of an attendee subsequently testing positive for covid-19) and use the hand sanitiser.
    • Service booklets will be set out on the pews where people are asked to sit.  Please leave them in place at the end of the service.
    • Please move to a pew as directed by a warden (not all the pews will be in use).  Do not expect to sit in your usual place.
    • Please maintain a safe distance from others as you take your seat.
    • Households and people in social bubbles can sit closely together, but otherwise a maximum of three people only should sit in each pew.
    • Please do not move around the church unnecessarily.


    When in Church

    • See important guidance below regarding the wearing of face coverings
    • Access to the toilet is only in cases of urgent need.  Please use the sanitising wipes on all surfaces before you leave the toilet.
    • Please keep children with you at all times and encourage them not to touch surfaces outside your pew area (the children’s corner  is now available).


    During the Service

    •  The minister will remind the congregation of various aspects of these guidelines as necessary at the beginning of the service
    • Please join in with the responses in a quiet voice and do not sing or shout.
    • The Peace will be shared standing in place and said quietly as directed by the priest.
    • Please put your offering into the Donations box at the south door either on arrival or on leaving.  Please continue to use donation envelopes wherever possible (with date of service on the white envelopes and other details as appropriate).




    When receiving Communion

    • Communion will be administered in bread alone by the priest at the entrance to the chancel.
    • Please remain seated until you are invited forward by a warden who will direct you which way to go and how to return to your seat.
    • Maintain a safe distance from those in front of you as marked by tape on the floor.
    • As you approach, use the hand gel, which will be available as you come forward, to sanitize your hands.  Remove your mask at this point or before you leave your pew.
    • Receive the bread into your hands with your arms outstretched.  The bread will be dropped into your hands without the priest making physical contact with you.
    • The bread will not be placed directly into anyone’s mouth.
    • If you say “Amen” please do so quietly.
    • Blessings will be spoken by the priest, where appropriate, without physical contact being made.
    • After receiving the bread or a blessing, please return to your pew as directed by a steward.
    • Replace your mask after receiving communion and before you touch any surfaces in church.  If you have touched a surface, gel your hands again before replacing your mask.)


    At the end of the Service

    • Please wait in your pew until directed by a warden to leave.
    • On leaving your pew, please go directly to the exit and leave the church promptly.
    • Please do not congregate for conversation with others in the church, or in the porch as you leave.
    • Please maintain a safe distance from others as you leave church
    • Please gel your hands as you leave.


    Face coverings

    • Face coverings  must be worn at all times, fully covering the mouth and the nose, except when taking Communion. This does not apply to children or to those with a relevant medical condition such as asthma.  Please let the wardens know as you enter church if this applies to you.Presiding clergy will wear masks to administer communion but not at other times.


    The Sanctuary and Chancel

    • Only the clergy will be in the sanctuary and chancel (There will be no choir nor organist and choir members will sit with the congregation).
    • The altar will be covered by a white cloth only.  Seasonal altar frontals will not be used.
    • The pulpit will not be used and any address/sermon will be delivered from the chancel.
    • Clergy will sanitise their hands before the service begins and will set the bread and wine on the altar themselves.
    • Clergy will be responsible for tidying and cleaning the altar after the service.


    Cleaning the Church

    Diocesan guidance confirms that if churches are not used for over 72 hours after services, then ordinary cleaning arrangements will suffice.Should other services be introduced on other days, including weddings, baptisms and funerals, then these will be subject to individual risk assessments and deep cleaning after the event.



    Version Four. 20/09/20


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