• Christian faith has been been witnessed on the site of St Peters for over 1000  years. The church is a treasured landmark which can be seen from all around Kinver and the surrounding country side. Its history is amazing - whilst the Saxons started it off,  the Normans and of course the Victorians had a few ideas too!  The tower was built in 1380!  

    St Peter’s has served the community of Kinver for generations and continues to touch families at many key points on life’s journey. The church is one of those constants in an ever-changing world.

    The building is Grade 1 listed but but like so many,  receives no government or local authority funding. The church depends heavily on the generosity of the congregation and the surrounding community - thank you!

    Help us to keep it that way for generations to come. 

    The Diocese

    The Benefice of Kinver and Enville is part of the Diocese of Lichfield.  For more information about the Diocese please use this link

    Our Location

    St Peter's is above the village at the top of Church Hill, as shown on Google Maps..



    Benefice of Kinver and Enville


    The Ministry Team are sending you an invitation to write your own prayer or short conversation with God focussing on your feelings about lockdown. You can be sad, angry, hopeful…..just be honest!

    The aim is to create a Prayer Wall in the church where every person’s prayer will be displayed. Although we can’t currently pray in church, our prayers will be at the heart of this building where prayers have been heard for centuries.

    We’ll also feature the prayers on the St Peter’s website and Facebook page and in the Rock magazine.

    Here’s what you do:

    • Write your prayer
    • Send it to us via email (anne@afurness.co.uk)   OR
    • Drop it through the letterbox at 8 Hyde Lane, Kinver or 40 Windsor Crescent, Kinver


    • Telephone the Rectory (01384 872556) and dictate it over the phone

    You can add your name or remain anonymous.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Facebook Services

    Services will continue to be livestreamed on our Facebook site: facebook.com/KinverSt

    • Monday to Saturday: Morning Prayer at 8:30am
    • Sunday Holy Communion at 9:30am
    • Sunday Evening prayer at 6:30pm

    Other contact points

    Prayer requests to John Gibbons on (01384) 877780, email johngibbons1414@btinternet.com

    Pastoral care visits – contact Gail Davis on (01384) 873820       



    St Peter's Church is committed to Safeguarding and has adopted the National and Diocesan Safeguarding Policies. Our Safeguarding Coordinator is Margaret Emuss and can be contacted on 01384 873357

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  • Sponsorship of Church Lights for April


    3 In Memory of Mrs Daphne Maycock

    3 Matthew Fellows (birthday)

    3 Jennie Daffin (birthday)

    4 In Memory of Lucinda Cristin

    5 In Memory of Mrs Thexton

    5, 12, 19 26 Rotary Club of Kinver

    6 Happy Birthday to Hilary from all the family

    6 In Loving Memory of Geoff Alliband on his Birthday

    7 Happy Birthday Freddie Smith

    11 Happy Birthday Jane Smith

    11 Treasured Memories of Mildred Hendley

    13 Loving Memories of Vic Temple

    14 Happy Birthday Allan Lawley

    15 Daniel Greaves Smith (birthday)

    22 Happy 5th Birthday Georgia McGillen

    23 Loving Birthday Memories of Edith Hobbiss

    23 Happy Birthday Emilia Alyce Grace Fones

    25 Happy Birthday Charlotte Alliband

    25 Birthday Memories of Mick Amphlett

    27 Birthday Memories of James Thomson

    28 In Loving Memory of Christine Ena Hudson

    28 Happy Birthday Adrian Alliband

    29 Happy Birthday Pat Kirkham


    We thank everyone who has helped to pay the church electricity bill.  You can give a donation to sponsor the Church Lights by contacting Mrs Hilary Gapper (01384 395047) with the details.

    Cheques should be made payable to St Peter’s PCC Kinver.  




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